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Does Insurance Cover A New Roof?

What is covered under insurance?

Insurance companies traditionally regard roofs as one of the most important components of a home. A roof is meant to protect the home and all that is inside of it from the natural elements, while also preventing costly payouts from the insurance company itself due to flooding and other significant damage. They’re fully aware that there is potential for expensive damage if the roof is not repaired or replaced, so they will usually have it taken care of quickly. 

However, many insurers have recently become a bit more restrictive about roofing coverage, and will often refuse to even provide coverage for an aging roof. With that, you may be wondering if your roof will even be covered should you determine you need a new one. 

What Roof Damage Will My Insurance Cover?

Dwelling coverage that is included in your homeowners insurance is typically intended to protect the entire structure of the home from normal damage such as hail, fire and wind. This makes it so if your roof is riddled with holes following a hailstorm or it catches on fire from lightning, you will, most likely, be at least partially covered by insurance. 

Will I Have a Deductible?

There will, most likely, be a deductible. Each policy varies, but there’s usually a deductible that needs to be paid prior to insurance paying out for roofing repairs and replacements. Also, you may have a coverage limit, so you must have complete understanding of your insurance policy. This ensures that you know what to expect. There is the possibility that your policy has exclusions for certain incidences like fire or wind, so be sure you know exactly what the policy contains before committing to any work.  you’re aware of what your policy contains prior to 

Are Leaks Covered?

If your policy does not have any exclusions for this, they should at least partially cover leaks that are caused by basic situations such as hail, wind and fire. 

What’s Not Covered?

Each policy is different, but homeowners insurance will usually not cover the basic wear and tear of a roof or damage that is the result of neglect. Insurance is usually meant to cover sudden or accidental damage, so it’s imperative that you determine the cause of the roofing issues prior to contacting your insurance company. At Clover Construction, we provide complete roofing inspections to pinpoint any problems and what their causes are, so give us a call today if you have questions about your roof! 

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